Breath of Heaven

Watching her, slip away, I’m reminded of creation. With words, God spoke the earth and it’s creatures into existence. With man, he gathered up dust into His own loving hands and formed a human being. With His own breath, into that first human, He breathed life. And declared it “very good.”

When a baby is born, we see them suck in their first breath. Life. Breath.

Jesus. God in flesh, came down from heaven to rescue us. He was born in humility, and breathed His first earthly breath. On the cross, He said “it is finished,” and breathed His last.

When we are Baptized, we are immersed into a watery grave. To death with our old life. When we arise, we inhale deeply. Breath. New life.

At her bedside, the daughters to whom she gave life, attend her last moments. Watching. Life. Breath. The moment comes and she gives her last. Breath.

What God gave, He reclaimed. Breath. Life.

As she opens Her eyes, she sees the One who made all creation. The One who carved her from the palm of His hand, and appointed her days. The One who knew the number of breaths she would take.

She gasps at His beauty. And breathes.

Life. Eternal.


4 responses to “Breath of Heaven

  1. craigstephans

    That is beautiful!


  2. An ole redneck often gets lost in this more educated world;but God always tells me what I need to know.Even when I don’t understand what I’m saying or doing.God was here before here was here.I found that in the bathroom.My bathroom shower !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • That’s very true. God’s eternal “here-ness” is bigger than any of us can fathom. So, you found that in your bathroom shower? Was it written in permanent ink? Haha. Maybe you’re a Daniel. 😉


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