The Cup of Staggering

By William Brassey Hole. 1846-1917

Tension felt, even through their Passover supper. Remembrance of the lambs protective blood. Your judgement will not rest here, we are marked as God’s own. Let us remember and celebrate what God has done for His people.

Soon, they will be coming for the perfect lamb.

Bread, wine. Body and blood. The disciples chew slowly as they try and digest what has been said. Confusion rests on the disciples like a damp chill. They shudder under the weight of the unknown. They argue. Who here is the worst, then? But tell us, who is the greatest? Tell us who we are!

Absolute blackness sits at the table, distracted by a sale at hand. He can’t engage in these conversations. He needs to leave. This holy presence sitting too closely makes him ill. Jesus tells him to go, and make quick work of it. The cold washes past the disciples and leaves. Another chill. This time, to the bone.

Supper over, they walk.  They stop in a garden. Jesus feels the weight begin to press down on Him. His closest friends can’t keep their eyes open long enough to be any support. Alone. He prays. Weeps. He understands the full measure of the Father’s wrath. It’s coming.

The unholy one steals a moment to tempt- one last time. He’d done it before. Following the baptism of water, and the Father’s first approval. Loved. Well pleased. Then temptation. Jesus did not buckle. And now, comes the Father’s final approval: baptism by death. Separation. Wrath.

Or maybe. Perhaps this cup could be taken away?

He presses His eyes shut. And speaks the words of faithful obedience with an exhale: Not my will, but Yours.

This crisis of wills on which pivots our destiny, now tilts irreversibly toward the cross.

They are coming for Him.



 Here is a lyrics video to the song, “Come Away to the Water” featured on The Hunger Games soundtrack.  I think it’s a perfect song for today.  Let me know what you think.


2 responses to “The Cup of Staggering

  1. coffeescholar

    Excellent song choice. I love Maroon 5. I’ll be playing this on Sunday morning at The Pilgrimage.


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