The stones would’ve cried out to the world, proclaiming His name. Telling the world Who this man really is. The rocks…they know.

At noon, on the cross the Son Of Man carries the weight of humanity’s sin. The One who knew no sin becomes sin. God cannot be near the noxious filth. So He turns away from His son.

An ominous darkness covers the land from noon till three. God’s judgement. Thick and dark as ink.  Inescapable. The color of a beaten man’s bruises. The sky, in grief cries out. Telling the world Who this man really is. The sky knows.

A heart that beats, flutters, trembles, and stops.  The earth immediately begins to flutter, then trembles, and beats wildly. Grabbing the people by their shoulders, shaking them and yelling, “Do you see?!? Don’t you know who this man is?”  With great convulsive quakes, the rocks cry out so loudly they break open.  Tombs of death split open. The earth knows.

A centurion, a gentile, stands in awe. The words fall from his lips. They could not be stopped. “Surely this was the Son of God!” He speaks greater truth than he knows.

A great curtain that separates the Holy Place from the Most Holy Place is torn in two by the Most High God. His own hands sever the fabric of an old covenant. He says, Your ceremonial practices are now obsolete. My Son IS our new agreement.

God speaks- I have told you Who My Son Is. Believe and I will rescue you from that ominous darkness, the inescapable inky blackness of separation. Believe. Death and resurrection can be yours. I know. Watch closely and you’ll see.


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