You and I are Theophilus, Lovers of God.
We’re waiting, Lord. We’re waiting.
Kingdom come?
The question was too large for my mouth.
He pauses, wanting our attention.
He says- Don’t miss these words:
Go. Don’t stop.
Here, then there, and after that,

I quietly wonder what an earth-end looks like.

He rises. See Him rise. Again.
Our eyes won’t move away, gape-jawed wonder
Our skin tingles. Rapt. Is this happening?
The clouds need to move
So we can see more clearly. Watch Him go.

Had I known, I would’ve said something clever.

White robes appear, men with a knowing look
asking if we plan to stay there all day, staring at clouds.
I might.
Don’t you see, the second Advent will look
Just. Like. This.
But hurry! There’s work to be done,
The helper is coming.

Go friend, and see your earth’s end.



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