20120523-100459.jpg The birds were carrying on in the early spring, noisily complaining, -Those children! Will they ever let us rest? Perhaps the stress of being parents makes them edgy. Operating on little sleep, and never ending to-do’s, I think so. Back and forth mother and father fly. Do they have bags under their eyes? Yes. I’m quite sure I saw dark circles too. Poor things. Feeding them is so very tiring. And let’s not forget the poo removal. It must be carried far from the nest, the disgusting little package. Those chicks are continually pooping. Ugh! The thankless job of nest keeping. Offspring and their messes. It never ends. The feathered siblings fight. Bicker. Complain. Whine. Moan. And they sass. -I’m not the only one who can pick up around here! Disrespect! I’m certain that’s what the mother just said. Look, she’s scolding them. One of those chicks should make her a card or something. I luv u Mom. At the end of a long, hard day, there is a thrilling thought for a bird parent. The dream of a swift bump out of the nest. Ahh, peace and quiet. Was that a slight beaked smile? But when the time comes, all I can see is fear in the eyes of the parents. Remembering when they were tiny and helpless. But look, there is joy, too. -Weren’t our littles the sweetest things you ever laid eyes on? Well, except when they first hatched, they’re all a little squidgy as newborns, but they improved, didn’t they? Oh, yes. Such bright feathers, and bright minds. The smartest chicks around. -But aren’t they… Still tiny. Helpless? The mother and father pace, chirping at the awkward young flyers. Pride, joy, wistfulness. And away they go. The thrill is now in the eyes of the offspring. Flying! Freedom! Trees! Power lines to perch! Females! Males! Mating! Nests. Offspring. -Be careful kids, mom and dad love you. Take care of yourselves. Strong young feathers fly away confidently toward a new life. It is now late spring. The birds carry on today, noisily complaining- -Those children! They never write, they never call. We miss them so.


2 responses to “Projection

  1. I have those same thoughts about birds when I watch them, if I am lucky enough to have them build a nest right outside my window. Still thinking about those nest photos you took, so lovely.


    • I’m so glad I’m not the only one. “Me too” is always a great comfort to hear. And thanks. The Mockingbird babies are thriving, but I’m more cautious in approaching the nest as mama might get me. She’s very good. 🙂


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