The Autumn Woods

Stepping lightly through the soggy wood
Hiding beneath the canopy
Under the impression of hiding
from God.
Earth’s perfume greets the visitor.
Incline your heart and smell the moss on the tree.
Close your eyes, the woods surround
and scatter the thoughts that trouble.
Nameless woe.
Pungent mushrooms whisper,
the fading leaves applaud,
wetness leans in.
Tall trees are mindful of you.
Glad you’re here.
They say:
Make the ordinary lovely.
Plenty of dull and ugly to be considered
bright and beautiful.
Stay here awhile.
The damp earth beneath shapes itself to you.
It will bend.
It will flex.
The Autumn woods loves
your company.
God knows.
He’s been here all along.
He’s in the moss you breathe,
the whispers,
the applause,
the damp.
Shaped to be human.
Ordinary and beautiful.
And the Autumn woods.



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