Unfinished, Lovely Still

You are art. Is that strange of me to say? You are not yet finished. But there it is. Art. 
On the canvas, a background. Blue and grey. Maybe darkness has touched a corner. However, light fills. Just a little right of center. Usually does. It draws the eye to the main subject of the story. 
Fine lines and structure. Squiggles and mess. Color. Definition. Mistakes. Corrections. You are not done yet. 
Oh, but look at you! A lovely thing of creativity. Completely imperfect. Or should I say, utterly? But perfectly so. 
Truly, I can see where this beautiful piece of art is headed. It is already finished in my mind. It takes faith and knowing the artist. He finishes what he starts. Even so, right now … You are already glorious. And soon … even more so.
A work of art. Still in progress. Unfinished, lovely still.

2 responses to “Unfinished, Lovely Still

  1. I never could internalize it, but I used to aspire to a circular world view that negates time, flattens the hills and valleys of experience. But i can’t get past the hope that we are moving toward something — something that still is not a cul de sac. It’s a deeper higher brighter process leading to an infinite progression of truth, beauty, and goodness. The painting will never be finished.


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