Hope Rises


I was honored and blessed to be asked to write an Advent piece for the wonderful website: http://abeautifulmess.org/

Did you feel the winter’s chill on your skin when the judgment came down? Shivering under the weight of cold sin. To the bone. The always winter, never Christmas. In your sad and ragged state He covered you. A gift of sweet mercy. Stillness of the animal garment cloaking you. The sound of the death rattle still ringing in your ears. Sacrifice. Divine and earthy.

Did you ponder His words, walking in silence with your partner? Thorns reaching up from the ground to catch and tear. Yes, things are bad, but you, woman, are special. Allowed to share in the creative work of God. Clutching your abdomen. Already an ache in the womb. But you feel hope rising. Unsure why. But…there it is. Hope. What was it He said? Certainly the lovely words skirted over your swirling, clouded mind. However, they did not lose their place in the corner of your heart.

From the ruins. The perfection you toppled. He spoke. The serpent’s head will be crushed by the seed of the woman. He promised. Could you see His love for you in His gaze? Yes, the hurt. The disappointment. He wanted so much for you. Don’t forget that look of fierce love. You were not cursed. Still a woman bearing the image. One of your offspring would destroy the destroyer. Hope rises.

Did you feel the warmth of His love and burning watchfulness throughout your winter days? His beautiful creation. I hope you listened for His whisper, when guilt and shame threatened to crush you. To leave you cold.

My beloved child, there is hope. He is coming. My Son will set things right. 


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