Little Orphan, Tiny Soul

Your knees are skinned, face dirty.
Bare of feet and options.
Threadbare even. To the core.
Your eyes peek out from beneath
filthy, matted hair.
Searching and wanting
to be loved.
Fearing love.
Yet your longing is greater
than the fear.
Why do you hide, tattered orphan?
The air is cold and the nights are long.
You cannot feed on scraps
of garbage.
Tripping along in your ragged state,
stop running.
Little orphan, where will you go?
Accept the love that has come down
to find you.
To rescue you, tiny soul.
Washed and clothed with kindness,
soon you’ll understand the fullness of God.
You will know.
No longer an orphan.
and beloved



6 responses to “Little Orphan, Tiny Soul

  1. Excellent. A psychologist friend writes about the orphan as an archetype we carry inside us. If course Paul describes salvation as adoption. This is a poem I particularly.needed to hear right now. I know in my head about the psychology and theology, but your poem helps me take it in deeper, personally.


  2. That’s great…I like the candle thingy in the picture…You should definitely worship where they have one of those!


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