Sitting in The Kingdom


Sitting alone
it’s not quiet here
activity and conversation
drown out the music that plays.
Laughter breaks
through the chatter.
In this corner where I have
hidden myself
from the world, it still spins
and doesn’t
The day goes on.
With or without me.
It’s a choice to engage.
I’ve heard it many times.
This is mission,
to the ends of the earth.
Don’t miss a moment to do
Kingdom work.
Don’t waste time.
Don’t sit.
Perhaps today I will sit,
and observe
what it is that makes
God love this world so.
This humanity.
Leaning in, touching, communicating.
Eating pastry. Drinking coffee.
And imagine then, Jesus among them.
and listening
in this noisy coffee shop.
Loving it so.


6 responses to “Sitting in The Kingdom

  1. I wonder, sometimes, if kingdom work is overrated. Enjoy your pastry. Thanks for these words.


  2. Oh, yes, PLEASE. This IS kingdom work, this being, this looking, this wondering. Thank you for it.


  3. I’ve been noticing how much Jesus was just hanging out, leaving him open for amazing things to happen. Isn’t that when the unexpected transpires, when we’re not rushing from here to there, when we are available?

    Raging against the workaholic world. Productivity is over-rated. Wrestling with this today, this month, this season of life, choosing between the righteous productivity society expects (demands?) of me and the calmness God has called me to. It’s a difficult choice, and either path has unsettling ramifications.


    • I understand, JJ. Believe me. I guess in times of frustration and indecision, I ask myself “what is God’s best for me?” and I go with it. Grace and peace, friend, and thanks for dropping in to say hi. You bless me.


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