Take Heart

The finger-wagger calls me sinner.
I know it.
Reminding me of the constant fail.
Filthy rags. Unworthy.
I know it.
Instead, who among us needs to hear,
Turn in your Bibles to the verse
for those who feel heavy,
with a mercury-soaked heart.
He knows.
He’s here among us.
With more love than
wagging fingers can imagine
or the rest of us, loathsome crabs
for that matter.
But there it is.
What is that verse again?
Listen carefully, and lean closely.
The God of The Down has been there.
Dolorous King.
That lowly feeling.
He knows it.
Take heart,
fair beloved,
and take hold of His garment,
for He has the words
of life and love



2 responses to “Take Heart

  1. this is perfect for this month’s spiritual parenting environment of KNOWING


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