The Whaling


A sway to the boat in the ocean.
Slow fatigued lids gaze
far as the eye meets
the golden orb
and follows that gentle curve;
slow to sink deep
into the large and constant
grey, green, blue.
given to the boat and her captain.
The rueful man feels small of purpose.
of little matter.

The whale unconcerned
moves from the before, knowing
its way
to the after.
The captain chilled by a conniving wind
“Whence comest thou? Whither
goest thou?”
Harpoon springs, whistles, and dives.
Piercing deeply,
sinking as the sun
to the grave
of water.

Night overcomes the day and
the whale surprised
by the frightful strike knows
of fight and will;
to finish the way thither.
Dark, speckled, briny deep
Blackens red.
Terrified eye meets terrified eye.
Pull toward the air
to its destined after.

Sea dweller
with a fading gaze discerns the lonely
man who knows little
of himself
but considers the grand whale…
an intimate.
The dimming Baleen asks the captain,
“Whither goest thou? and whence comest thou?”

The appraising captain croons,
“Dear Cete,
Trying out on the sea
To market your train-oil,
and drops of tears.
Show your clean bones.
The finest of offerings enhance the bosom
and define the delicate waist of
the gentlewoman.
The last of you rests in memory.
Cast over while the
smoke rises.

“You, great beast are more
privileged than I.
INSIGNIFICANT is the name of the
boat and her captain.
I cannot help but feel lowly in
the presence of your form,
in the midst of your dark and
salty path.
I waited for you,
to interrupt your now and next.

“Every harpoon strike thrusts me to
wonder if I’d be pleased
to become the oil, boiling smoke to the
cosmos, a grand sacrifice.
A corset bone-
small but meaningful
support to reach the needy hand,
that covets and collects
You, whale are my
I am nothing more than the old invisible.”

With one last grand release,
the quiet extravagant breathed,

“You say you are small and forsaken in
this hippodrome where I sang.
Do you not realize?
Can you not see plainly?
Your inappreciable power
-in my esteem
determine the hours.

“Piteous sir.
please understand…
Each of my numerous days and nights were
headed toward
the cruel floating
Lift your head and feel
for all along, through the ebb and flow
of the sea,
You’ve been and are
of the greatest significance to me.”




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