The Artist

…and although the heart breaks with each stroke of the pen, every stroke of the


There is art.

Pain can be beautiful, a thoughtful thing

which allows the world to see bright flashes and color behind the lids

as the creative is struck. Again and again.

Every forceful blow and buffet creates a ring in the ears.

Music to accompany the craft.

These are the words and the canvas. Wounding self with the weighted hammer.

Agony is sweet when beauty is the outcome.

Applause to the fighter of self. The wrestler of one.

Praise for the blood and the tears

that look a lot like paint and ink. Staining the page; the floor.

Read and rejoice.

We cry out for more!

Eat, drink to the hysteria dressed up and lovely. Anguish motivates.

Creativity demands distress.

It can be felt.

Madness an unattractive and distasteful


yet with unrelenting cheers to the gladiator we say:

Well done!

Well done!


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