Most of My Cups Are Chipped


Most of my cups are chipped.

Probably more than half the plates
and bowls, too for that matter.
Hairline cracks extending to the
bottom of where.

Snicks, snips, dings, and slivers
around every tipping point.

None which are very good for
entertaining royalty but are
suited just fine
for the unpretentious few.

Why not rid myself of them
someone once asked–

I shrugged.

Looking into the
cup of assorted fractures
that still cradles the hot tea
in spite of its frailty,

I can see myself.


4 responses to “Most of My Cups Are Chipped

  1. Beautiful. Most of my cups and plates are everyday ones that I bought at Walmart. 🙂 But they are me as well. Simple, functional, filled.


  2. oh friend. me too. most of mine are chipped and i like them that way. thanks so much for linking to the love dare!


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