The sun lounges on a raft, dipping low to
spoon the affectionate river.
Brackish gold.
Glittering bronze.

We spend the quiet, late afternoonLake-Sunset-2(pp_w860_h573)-1
catching up on things.
We contemplate aloud, pondering
the hopes of a clam.

Languid pauses between the words
become stone commas skipping across glass.

She and I
Feast on the pink sky.
Full mouths whisper songs to encourage
and bless our days.

The long shadows stretch their legs
in the warmth of her radiance until they
graciously bow to the sapphire night.

Leaning close before the cool of evening,
she breathes,
lamenting how our time together-
much too brief.

Heavy lidded and full of sleep, the proud
lady readies to make her leave.

Into the fading blue hour, she muses:

Here, in this place of beginnings and
is there ever
enough time to love
…and love well?


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