Tsunami, Fairest of All


Building wave
from the far reaches of
the sea.
Roll and gather from under.
A fury of salinity.
Forward is the way and the way
and the way.
Ever keeping a baleful eye,
narrowed and drawn
on the distant
The outwardly calm but ascending
swell reaches from
the inward depths of rage.
A squall in the center,
mutters a cool rumble
to the wind.

Consider this a warning.

Quickening is the surge
who persists and grows tall
from energy that heats
the sun.

You see me for the first
but I have watched you
from miles away.

A determination of will
and prepossession,
the ocean frenzy rises.
Bending to the ground,
the feminine wrath arrives.
Your mouth opens wide but
nothing comes out.
This should have been expected.
However, you appear a little
when a smile crosses cresting

You know the battle is lost even before
the acrimony of Poseidon’s realm
plunges headlong

into you.



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