The Mother Bloom

In morning and in spring,
secrets giggle, tightly wound
and new until
bursting into youthful laughter.
She shines back toward the
grateful sun.
The day grows tall and this
unfolding, lovely flower
is most beautiful once opened, full
and mature.
Captivating bee and butterfly.
She nods while tending to the tiny buds.
Her fragrance is the richest and
sweetest once late afternoon
Drawing her world close.
Finally, when the light summer
breeze of evening touches the wizened
blossom and bids her to come,
she tosses her head back with
a ready smile and waves farewell.
Her grace on the earth;
A shower of
Giggling secrets.


2 responses to “The Mother Bloom

  1. Heather, would you consider contributing to Burnside Writers Collective? I’m the poetry editor and I welcome your work.


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