Wind Chimes


Wind chimes
on my porch
Speak softly
to the breeze
an age-old tale
of inspired song
There is always and
always plenty of space
left between exchanges to
consider the fullness of air
and beauty within chaos
After all, that’s
where creativity
Occasionally they
will finish each other’s
thoughts with mutual respect
and grace in the echo
of a swirling
It seems
they know themselves
and appreciate the sounds
of their own voice that rings
in celebration
closely to the
resounding harmony
stretching through the
A good and
perfect murmur


4 responses to “Wind Chimes

  1. I miss wind chimes. We can’t have them out here where the desert winds are so strong. The poem reminds me of The Aeolian Harp (Shelley? Keats? one those guys) and a poem by Rumi about the breath in a reed flute.


    • Thanks for the comparisons, although my scribblings are a mediocre smudge on the shoe of those poems — especially Aeolian Harp. Coleridge…you were close! Nevertheless, it lit a spark of remembrance to some really good words. I’ll gladly take the compliment.
      Wind chimes are nice to have around, whispering at a distance. If they weren’t around, I’d miss ’em too.


  2. I love the lichen on top. Those chimes have character. Truly an “age old-tale of inspired song”!


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