Consider the Bird

That good son was talking
to the worry
while I was standing in the
backyard hanging cold,
wet sheets on the
look at those birds
consider their lot
they skip around nipping
at the ground, eating seeds
gifted by the grass of St. Augustine
I could be
pulling out plumes
while writing a song
for the grieving
those who heard it would say
it was sorrowful
although they couldn’t comprehend
a word
Rabbi knew what I was
unfortunately and fortunately
he always does
love replaces worry, child
he said it was so,
it must be so
however my heart turns to
whenever I spot a tiny bird
slump from exhaustion
straight to the
skinny from lack because
there are larger
its eyes look to the end
open and calm
decided by the begetter–
I want to steal the rest
of that dying bird’s faith
because I’m without
my feathers are scattered
my hope almost gone
but while struggling out
with an egg tooth
every moment
nigh to the grave
this fearless forager
and I,
loved even more than–
have never lacked
in doubt.

Study in Watercolor I by Heather Eure

Study in Watercolor I
by Heather Eure


2 responses to “Consider the Bird

  1. Love your watercolor and your words Heather. The colors in the painting are my fav. I have never lacked in doubt either. Unfortunately.


    • Thanks, Shelly. So glad you liked it! I’m still very new to watercolors, and figured I would do well to practice here. And thanks for your encouraging words. Even though we doubt, trust, gain, and lose faith … over and around again; we are still named beloved… and hang on to grace.


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