Blessing For a Bad Day

When you feel sad
or desperate
and low to the ground
I recommend you walk next
to the rows
of maize.
Those tall columns
standing proud
in the field.

Lend your eyes and see
what happens next.
The breeze
meanders along,
and green arms
reach out.
They begin to wave.

Don’t they seem
to applaud?
Maybe you’ll feel
as if you were
in a parade
and in that
you’ll know how
very important you are.
Colorful and interesting.
Someone who matters.
Watch how
because you exist.

It’s a simple thing,
to brighten a face.
Lots of people walk around
by day
narrow and tight
in a world that
doesn’t seem to
care very much at all.

Next time,
find a friend or
a stranger,
take them by the hand
and stroll along
that friendly corn field.
Don’t tell, but show
how the spirit catches
long leaves.
Then you can point and say-
Friend, look toward
the confetti sun
dappling through shade
and see how the earth
bursts into

After all,
It’s for you, it’s for
it’s for us.
Today, tomorrow,
and every tomorrow,
may you know the world
smells sweeter,
shines joyful,
and sparkles all the

Because you exist.



2 responses to “Blessing For a Bad Day

  1. Rebekah Grace

    Recently all I’ve wanted to do is reach out and tell those that are in my life how glad I am that they exist. Beautiful. Thank you.


    • Thanks for your kind words, Rebekah. Years ago a friend wished me a happy birthday by saying, “I’m so happy you were born.” It’s something I’ve never forgotten. …and now, I also pass it along. Blessings!


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