At the Next Blink


Watching the three
All together
The only ones that plunge
My heart in floodwaters
Those little maniacs
Burgeoned and still abounding
The three who
Gather no moss
Until dinner time
And then it seems to track
Throughout the house
But Nobody did it
Piling on the washing up
Bickering about stupid-headed-ness
Or worser
Bicycle wheelies and skinned-knee graces
Leaf boat regattas after the rain
It’s gone by a bit too break-neck for me
So I slow down time and watch
The happy occasion
Of being in the same place
Playing the games of brothers
All potty talk and
I wonder what else we could’ve done
The regret of should and want
Yet all they’ve ever required–
(apart from all the stuff
sworn they couldn’t live without)
Is love and bravery and encouragement
To be every ounce boy
To emerge as
At the next blink


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