Lullaby of the Wayfaring Sinner

milky way

weariness takes me further away from
the perfect garden
guarded by steel wings and Divine order

in the mercy of my betrayal
He allows me to lie down in pastures as I go
because He told me I must leave and learn
something new

I’ve walked far
and am very tired
of measuring steps on failure’s march

I sit and take in the stars over Nod
heavy-lids overcome
and darkness swallows me
in sleep

there’s nothing to fear because
He dwells among the pitch-black liars
and thieves

…just like me

time and space
lose to folded lids
not quite death but stillness
and then like an eternity’s year
a bright light
threatens to blind these new eyes

here in my resurrection
another dawning of the sun
rising to the East of Eden
where I was headed all along

He met me there
on that sorrows road
greeting me first


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