The Let Go

o tormented soul
it’s true
you lean toward the obsessive
and find it difficult to leave things
call it a compulsion towards
you’re one who’ll concede
once addressed
once met
but… things unfinished?
it will never resolve in the heart
remains of
that open wound
may settle slightly
but an emotional wale remains
and occasionally
the searing pain
will rip through you
it’s that thing
reminding you
to chase it down and confront
unspoken hurts and disappointments
the snake oil
for your tortured soul
try letting go
try letting it go
some things are unknowable
and unanswerable
I hope you find your peace
the only cure for
the festering threatening wound
is forgiveness

the let go



4 responses to “The Let Go

  1. Oh, yeah. Lovely, Heather. Thank you.


  2. Such sweet and tender words.


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