Remembering Thanks


Maybe this year I will consider
the thankfulness of those stoic pilgrims

whose gathering, I’m certain was not the portrait painted
in burnished gold with rosy, fattened cheeks

but a gratitude draped in loss,
suffering, and the emotional wounds of enduring it

broken cries silenced by the hard earth still resonate
in the mind as they whisper, Thanks be to God

these are people I know, brave spiritual pilgrims who,
in spite of blows by a raging enemy stand tall

with a courage not their own, in cracked voice
acknowledge the God of psalm 46, a mighty fortress

as it was then, as it is now, trembled songs rise out of
hope for kingdom come, praising the goodness of their Father

Maybe this year I will remember the battle-caked,
and never forget the truth which triumphs in thanksgiving


2 responses to “Remembering Thanks

  1. Perfection, Heather. Thank you.


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