Shape of Dust

Southern Crux

Here are a few words I contributed to The Burnside Writers Collective for the Advent poetry series. God bending low … grace, mercy, love, and dirt.

Wishing you all a blessed Christmas, friends.

Who among people have eyes to see
the message written
in the particles of the cosmos?
The heavens proclaim—
Look! Prepare!

Yet, mortal sight is dim
and hearing,

From the stars,
fearful and wonderful was taken, formed,
and carved in hand by the One
who is mindful.

A measure of dust, made beautiful.
…to dust shall return.

Near the sinner,
a graceful finger traces powder,
to the sapphire sky and
throughout eternity.

But what do you say!
shouts the accuser.

From a righteous right hand
lines are drawn,
Eyes of love burn furious.
Stooping low, mercy stirs the dusty earth,
and writes

the very letters of your name.

God whispers,
I will save you. Wait and watch,
I will come.
No more fists to heap stones upon you.

Spoken across the heavens.
The Word made flesh is born—


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