Hushed Reflection

This year, I’ve missed out on the liturgy, and the simple songs repeated until they sink deep within. Stripping the altar. This holy week has been a bit off-kilter. Today I will pause and seek God in the quiet moments. A good day to listen rather than speak. A fast of the writing hand.

I’m posting the words written last year. May you, too find God in the unsettled and still. 


Silent and still.
The air without breath.
Holding it in.
Rocks that could cry out
Are frozen.
The sun still rose for the
In faith,
I suppose…
And in silence.
Perhaps the sun only rose
Because God whispered, “I know—
Rise anyway.”
The grip of sorrow the others
Felt kept them soundless and
Silence feels the way dark
However, fear and confusion
Never is
And it drowns out the sound
Of a Heavenly Father
Quietly filing away the
Completed plans
Of a daring
So far, unheard and unseen.
Reticent doubt
Weaves a weary path through
Hearts and minds,
Recalling days
A hushed reflection
Of what they thought they knew.
The voiceless second day.





4 responses to “Hushed Reflection

  1. Beautiful! There is so much for us to learn from this one silent, seemingly empty day.


  2. Oh my, the truth:

    “Silence feels the way dark

    “The voiceless second day.”


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