No. 19

Speak memory—

Of long-gone journeys
And their scent accord.
Let me breathe in the past
And inhale the fragrant moments
Remembered only by sweater
Scents and wet earth.

Remembrance escapes all
Except the perfumed days
When my senses were sharp
With top notes, the animalic desires
Of youth, wine, and roses.

The middle years wrapped
My hours baby soft and warm
With the striking incense of
Humanity’s beauty and the foul
Necessary of motherhood

The base notes of time
Given are the pungent
Aroma of decline and bouquets
I can’t recall. Like the decaying
Aoud, what is left behind is yours.

My only claim
The rich and time-worn
Redolence of a spent bottle.

No. 19


2 responses to “No. 19

  1. Rich reflection on a simple object – love it. Had to look up Aoud, however – not being a perfume person myself. Sounds like it’s delightful! Thanks for this.


    • Thank you, Diana! How wonderful that you looked up Aoud (or Oud) to find out what-on-earth. It is one of my favorite “difficult” fragrance notes. It can burn the nose at first, but then it warms up and turns into a lovely woodsy scent, unlike any other.


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