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"A Cocoon", 2004, Painting, oil on panel. Nikolay Sazhin.

How quickly the empty house began to decay
Without a soul to breathe within

Standing water around its foundation revealed
Decades of lonely tears

Crippled walls crash in and that timeworn
Way groans out in agony

The burrow vanquished, in its place
Will rise a new home

Oh, but the razing is neither death nor destruction
To a hollow, broken facade

The suffering is metamorphosis, beloved
You are being reborn


For a Stone Marked: Faithful— William 1840-1884 — The Strife is O’er


You, forgettable in your space of stones
Among gray
Blurred throughout the years, wind
And rain
Have erased thought or any remembrance
Of goodness
Only grand, sweeping columns of wealth
Leave traces
Chiseled in the books of their life

You, forgettable in your rags of rough
Exhausted cloth
Aged beyond the years of the years
Wearied shoulders
Carry the weight of worry, the inescapable
Family burden
A duration cast in dust unable to hold
The mind
Destined to carry the slab since birth

You, forgettable in your slight space and
Invisible breath
Who claimed to love this marrow of
Infinite intent?
The craftsman of wind, the rain and
unwashed sweat
Says Up William! Join a celebration of
The meek
Where grand monuments vanish

You, unforgettable and beloved through
Immeasurable days
Well-known for a steadfast tread on an
Insolent earth
No more ache or tattered sorrows bound by
Burlap skin
Lifted high in unfailing hands— look and see
Good William
Your name written in the book of life